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Teri Berukhi story, wiki & information
Teri Berukhi

Numair Ki Doosri Shaadi Ki Khabar Hui Alina Ko... Ab Kya Hoga Agla Qadam?

A married emotional couple (Numair and Aleena), facing domestic disputes on account of their children (teenagers) and the companies they are surrounded with. Numair is a busy businessman whereas Aleena engages herself with her friends on daily base hangouts. One day, in a certain dispute Numair pronounces divorce and both are left aside. Aleena gets married followed by Numair’s wedding with Shahtaj. Shahtaj proves to be the best wife as well as house hold for she saves Numair’s children from ill-doings and later becomes the favorite step mother as well as wife. Moreover, Numair is emotionally attached with Shahtaj and finds himself in the affairs of love, same feelings are reverted by Shahtaj. On the other hand, Aleena gets hurt by her second husband and now wants to come back to Numair as she gets another divorce. Now, what will Numair decide? What will be the choice of Children? What will fate bring to Aleena?

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