Topi Drama Story, Wiki & Details

Topi Drama story, wiki & information
Topi Drama

Story meet 'wakeel' and 'jamal', two con artists who end up doing something good every time they try to do something bad. They try to enter the homes of wealthy people in disguise, in order to rob them, but often end up with unexpected and positive results.

Both live in a rented portion of 'roshni aunty's' house. a harsh and aggressive land lord, whose day is filled with conflict. roshni aunty is always worried about her daughter 'shama’ who dreams of being a super model, and is the love interest of both wakeel and jamal. Wakeel and Jamal, must juggle their con schemes, the dominating nature of roshni aunty, their failed attempts at wooing shama, while at the same time avoiding 'inspector mohsin‘ who is hot on their tails and the police spy 'mona'.

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