Yahan Piyar Nahi Hai Story, Wiki & Details

Yahan Piyar Nahi Hai story, wiki & information
Yahan Piyar Nahi Hai

Yahna piyar nahi hay is the story of a miserable couple -- Saim and Haleema. Saim does not like his wife, Haleema and never loses any opportunity to humiliate her. Another character in the plot is Haleema's cousin, Shumaila. Shumaila lures Saim towards her and away from Haleema. Does Shumaila's brother Sabih, mange to save Saim and Haleema's marriage?

What will be the future of Haleema and her children? To find out, watch HUM TV's new serial, 'Yahna Piyar Nahi Hay'.

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