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Beenish Chohan

Beenish Chauhan is a model and famous tv actress. She was born on 7th February 1986.

Beenish Chohan is a popular Pakistani model and actress best known for her roles in Najiah and Lyari Express. She is known for her honest acting and lively expressions, and has made quite a name for herself in the Pakistani media industry. Beenish has also done several comic roles as well, but it is her serious acting roles that have elevated her status as one of the most consistent performers in the media industry.

Beenish started acting in the early 2000's, and has since then become really popular. She has also done several stage shows as well, which can be attributed as one of her first steps in the media industry. Beenish is currently working on several projects with HUM TV, and is expected to release a telefilm in the middle of 2011. She is also working on two different dramas serials at present.

She was much apprised for her role of Mehru in drama serial Kahe Ko Biyahee Bides produced by Everyday Production. The serial used to come on Pakistan̢۪s leading TV channel GEO TV. Beenish Chauhan played a challenging role of a small town girl who goes against the usual customs of her village and goes to big city to pursue a higher education.

She has also won the Best Female TV Actor Award for her drama serial Pehli Boondh in LUX Style Awards 2008.

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