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Bushra Ansari biography
Bushra Ansari

Bushra Ansari is a Pakistani television presenter, singer, actress and playwright who started as a child performer in the 1960s and has remained a major TV personality for over four decades.

Early life, education and family

Born in Karachi, Bushra Ansari is the daughter of eminent journalist and writer Ahmad Bashir. Following studies with Lahore's Lady Griffin School, she completed intermediate education at Lahore College for Women University and received a B.A. from Rawalpindi's Viqar un Nisa College for Women in 1977.

On 11 June 1978 Bushra married TV producer Iqbal Ansari and they became the parents of two daughters, Nariman Ansari, a photographer who focuses on portraiture and photojournalism, and Meera Ansari, a model and painter. Encouraged by her husband to resume the performing career she has pursued since childhood, Bushra has continued to maintain her position as a top personality in Pakistani entertainment industry. Her four siblings have also exhibited considerable accomplishments with sister Neelam Bashir known for writing poetry, and two other sisters, Asma Abbass, who lives in Lahore, and Sumbal Bashir, enjoying careers as actresses. She also has a brother, Humayun Sheikh.



As a nine year old, she decided that she wanted to be on television, and implored her mother to take her to Pakistan Television's Lahore station where she became a regular singer/performer on the PTV children's music show Kaliyon Kee Maala. Upon moving with her parents to Islamabad, she was selected by legendary puppeteer Farooq Qaiser for his children's programme Kaliyaan, which featured his beloved characters Uncle Sargam, Haiga, and Maasee Museebtay. Bushra voiced "Sharmeelee", the show's small lamb character, as well as providing singing voices for a number of the programme's other characters. Her first dramatic acting role was in one of Iqbal Ansari's productions and, in subsequent years, has appeared on PTV's most-watched shows, including Angan Terha, Show Time, Show Sha, Rang Tarang, Emergency Ward and the Saturday Night Live-styled sketch comedy TV series Fifty Fifty.


During 1980s Bushra had appeared in an advertising campaign with her daughter for Pampers diapers and, in 2009, was seen in singer Amanat Ali's music video from his album Kohram.

Writing and performing

Bushra is a very popular and versatile actress, equally at ease with comedy or serious drama. She is an excellent singer, a lively compere, a gifted mimic, and has written some very popular drama serials and plays including Neeli Dhoop (her first script), Makaan and Kucch Dil nay Kaha. Her 2010 serial, Dil hai Chhota sa, produced by Geo TV under Iqbal Ansari's supervision, was the highest rated serial drama of that period, controversially dramatising the Islamic marriage custom Nikah Halala.

Most Popular Shows

Aangan Tehra

Fifty Fifty

Show Time

Rang Tarang

Loose Talk

Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat

Dolly ki Ayegi Baraat

Takkay ki Ayegi Baraat

Mera Naseeb

Bilqees Kaur

Annie ki Ayegi Baraat

Meray Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miley

Awards and achievements

Bushra has visited many countries and won numerous awards, including the Pride of Performance Award in 1989 as well as presidential award from Pervez Musharraf and a Women's Achievement Award from Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Bushra Ansari has hosted the Geo TV Sunday television show Brunch with Bushra, which featured in depth personal conversations with personalities from sports, show business, and politics, with particularly wide publicity generated by her interview with political leadership figure Altaf Hussain. Bushra Ansari is also an accomplished actress and has won accolades at nearly every year's Lux Style Award.

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