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Faiza Hassan biography
Faiza Hassan

Faiza Hassan is Pakistani TV actresses and model. Faiza started her career as a model, and having modeled with most of the popular fashion houses of Pakistan, she ventured in to acting.

Faiza started acting in a few drama serials, but rose to fame with her performance in Sakina Samoon's drama serial, Wujood-e-Laraib. The drama consisted of 17 episodes, and Faiza played the lead role throughout. She then also appeared in Darbar-e-Dil, in which she also played the lead role. Other notable performances by Faiza Hassan include Tootay Khwab and Mehrbaan House, both of which were big hits on the TV screen.

She then appeared in a 27 episode drama serial entitled Sahil Ki Tamanna. Moreover, she has also worked in Mahpara and Mahe Neem Shab, both of which were also popular serials. Apart from serials, Faiza Hassan has also appeared in over two dozen TV ads, which provides testament to her amazing success in just a few years.

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