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Gohar Mumtaz biography
Gohar Mumtaz

Gohar Mumtaz is a Pakistani tv actor and musician who has been part of one of the most bands "Jal" in Pakistan. He is also recently seen in Hum Tv serial Tanhai along with Sohai Ali Abro, Azfar Rahman and Ayesha Omer in the lead.

Born under the ambitious star sign of Leo; Gohar Mumtaz surely lives up to reputation of a motivated; go-getting youth. He showcases his artistry as the multi-talented composer, guitarist, lyricist and singer. As a musician he is influenced by various styles of music; As a lyricist his writing is influenced by both personal and social themes reflective in our daily lives. He is an avid listener of all types of music from around the world; a songwriter who strives for a creative balance between lyrical content, melodic structure, and rhythm.

As a young child Goher practiced on a small keyboard that he received as a birthday gift. Restricted by his parents, Goher sold his bike to buy his first guitar at the age of 11. Thus began his ambitious journey to becoming one of the most sought after musicians of the country. Having acquired no formal training in music, Goher has strived hard through countless hours teaching himself not only how to playing the guitar, but to compose, write songs and sing.

Goher's life took an unexpected turn right after he took his Intermediate Exams. An accident had him bed-ridden for 6 long painful months. It was during this period that Gohar could devote his entire time concentrating on his music. From sleepless nights trying to grasp all the notes in a single song and re-producing them on his six-string, to coming up with compositions of his own; Goher's journey has been an exceptional one. He went on to wining countless singing competitions at his college and performing live at local concerts in various fast food restaurants around Lahore.

The turning point in Goher's life came with his composition of 'Aadat' the single that took the country by storm. With the formation of his band 'Jal' and a 10 track album to his credit Goher Mumtaz's journey had just begun.

He is recently seen in Hum tv serial Tanhai (first aired 27th Feb 2013) which is written by Sarwat Nazeer and directed by Faheem Berni.

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