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Iffat Rahim Omar biography
Iffat Rahim Omar

Iffat Rahim Omar is a Pakistan tv actress, director and producer, and has had roles on various TV shows. She started her career with modelling who became very popular from 1987-1995. Her stunning looks made her very popular amongst dress designers, and she has modeled for all of the famous Pakistani fashion houses. Iffat Rahim stopped modeling avidly after 1995, and now features in TV shows. She is an actor, producer as well as a director.

Iffat Rahim won the award for the best fashion magazine host in 2004, and she has also acted in several drama serials such as Nangay Paon, Aap Jaisa Koi, Chemistry and Butterflies. She has also acted in music videos, the most notable being Yaar Bina by Junoon.

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