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Irsa Ghazal

Irsa Ghazal also spelled as Arsa Ghazal is a Pakistani TV actress who has appeared in many serials and shows.

With countless television stars produced by the Pakistani television channels over the years, it is no surprises that the country is blessed with stars who have dedicatedly brought fame and recognition to the Pakistani entertainment industry. While many of these actors have been appearing regularly on screen, making their presence felt quite often, there are many stars who have preferred to keep a low profile and work on selective projects only.

Arsa or Irsa Ghazal has been one such senior actress who focused herself mostly on selective projects. One of her most popular and earliest drama serials was 'Merat-ul-Uroos', based on the classic Urdu novel of the same name by Deputy Nazir Ahmed. The drama serial was such a hit among the viewers that even with its remake being made, it is remembered with the same enthusiasm and appreciation.

She also appeared in the politics-based drama serial 'Neelay Haath', which also starred the most wonderful actresses ever produced by television in Pakistan namely Uzma Gillani and Madiha Gohar. In recent years, Irsa has been seen in stage performances among which 'You Only Marry Twice', directed by Shah Sharabeel, remains the most popular.

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