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Javed Sheikh biography
Javed Sheikh

Javed Sheikh is a Pakistani actor, director and producer who has devoted his career to the film industry of Bollywood, Lollywood, and Pollywood films.


Born in Pakistan's fourth-largest city, Rawalpindi, Javed Sheikh made his acting debut in the Lollywood film Dhamaka, released on 14 December 1974. He since acted in over 100 Urdu films from the 1970s through to the early 2000s.

The first film he directed was Mushkil, released in 1995. In 2002, he directed Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa, in which he also played a supporting role.

In 2005, he switched to acting in Bollywood films and appeared in the films Shikhar (2005) and Jaan-E-Mann (2006). In 2007 he appeared in Namaste London, Om Shanti Om and the Pakistani film Mein Ek Din Laut Kay Aaoon Ga. In 2008, he played a supporting role in Jannat. His most recent film as director was Khulay Aasman Kay Neechay, a big-budget film shot in four countries (Pakistan, India, United Arab Emirates and Australia). The production failed at the box-office, resulting in a net loss of Rs. 8 Crore.

In 2010 Sheikh was working in a multi-cultural British film, Honour Killings which is based on the burning problem in United Kingdom i.e. killing in the name of honour. The film is directed by Avtar Bhogal, produced by Harijinder Singh and stars a mix of Pakistani, Indian and British actors including famous Pakistani model and actress, Zara Sheikh, Prem Chopra, Gulshan Grover, Tom Alter and newcomer Sandeep Singh. The film's shooting had been completed in England with plans for March 2010 release and premieres in Lahore, Mumbai and London.

Sheikh also has a supporting role in Syed Faisal Bukhari's Bhai Log. He had been filming Syed Faisal Bukhari's second film Saltanat since January 2010 with co-stars Mona Laizza and Ahsan Khan.

Personal life

Sheikh's first marriage was with Zinat Mangi, a TV/film supporting actress of that era, with whom he has a daughter, Momal and a son Shahzad. After divorcing her, he had a long affair but short marriage with Salma Agha, another famous British born Pakistani singer/actress of that time. Since then Javed Sheikh has had several relationships with famous actresses like Neeli and Sana. Although it is widely assumed that he had a brief marriage with Neeli but both parties deny it. Since the divorce from Salma Agha, he is still officially single. In April 2009, in a morning television show on Geo TV, Sheikh admitted that he has moved to India to facilitate his working in Bollywood films.

He has a brother, Saleem Sheikh, who is also a television actor. His brother-in-law is Behroze Sabzwari.

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