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Maira Khan

Starting her career as a child artist n Rang e Hina, Maira Khan has become a popular tv actress who has worked as a model, VJ and worked in various drama shows in Pakistan. She is also a talk show host.

Maira Khan is a very popular Pakistani actress and talk show host. She got her first break while still a child in a play titled Rang E Hina. After that, she stopped acting and resumed after 8 years, when she acted in Jaise Jante Nai, another famous hit. Since then, she has come a long way, and is now a houeshold name in the Pakistani media industry. Maira gained her fame for being a VJ on PLAY TV, and she quickly established herself as one of the youth icons of the industry.

Apart from acting, Maira Khan also has her own talkshow, and is very famous on Play TV. Maira has acted in several popular dramas, and she says that her inspiration for acting comes from her mother, who was also a very popular actor in her time. Maira Khan is also married.

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