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Mani, whose real name is Salman Saquib Sheikh, started his stint in television as a junior anchor and interviewer before turning into a sitcom and comedy actor. Despite his father Saquib Sheikh having been a veteran Mani artist and his elder sister Ayesha Mirza (Ayesha Saquib) is also an actress, Mani was interested in sports during his early days and did not think about venturing into the filming industry. His initial interest grew after he began theatre with a theatre group called "Katha" comprising famous actors like Sania Saeed and Nadia Jameel. writing scripts for Fakhar e Alam's show Boom Boom Bastic, a programme aired on PTV. After some time, while working as a programme designer of the show, one of the conductors of the segment was missing; Mani was asked to fill in, which marked his entry into the screen. In 2001 he entered into the mainstream of showbiz, hosting the first ever road show in Pakstan Television's history called "Streets" aired on Pakistan's first private channel 'Indus Vision' in which he conducts the show by asking issue based questions to general public of Pakistan, he was the trendsetter of road shows, this road show became very popular among viewers that Mani hosted 2 other road shows called 'Road Romeo' and 'Sarrak Chhap' aired on ATV and GEO Television respectively. After that he teamed up with Azfar Ali, Adnan Shah Tipu and did a sitcom Sub Set Hai, which was very well received by the audiences especially the youth of Pakistan. Since then, he devoted his work for younger generation. Mani Endorsed several brands and did enormous promotional campaigns of brands like Pepsi, Sprite, Tapal Chai and Mobilink. In 2003 he did a revolutionary radio Show on Radio Fm96 with Azfar Ali, whose slogan "Karachi! Maza araha hai" was very famous among younger listeners. The same show was then migrated to Fm 103, then Hot Fm105. After that he collaborated a music channel called ARY Musik ( formerly 'The Musik') and started the first ever sarcasm based humour show called 'Mani-ism" which was based on current political and social news, the trend of these kind of shows was started there, a same kind of show was penned by Faisal Qureshi was also aired from Geo TV called 'Ulta Seedha", Mani was also included in their team. Mani then hosted the first Interview based show for Hum TV called 'Casual' in which he chit chat with celebrities in a casual manner, he aalo set the trend of MCQ's or rapid fire questions.After that Mani hosted a game show called "Hero ya Zero" scripted by his team mate Asif Rasheed Bony, the show received a marvelous response from the audience. He started a brunch show calledHum 2 Humara Show in which his wife Hira also co-hosted, Mani got into production and created a sitcom called 'Zerooos' which was story of a guy whose father is strictly religious extremst, it was first in Paksistan TV history that comedy was merged with a religious character, which became somewhat controversial.After ward Mani produced another sitcom called 'Khala Surayya' for Geo TV, in which Hira played the lead role of Khala Surayya. he has acted leading in many different types of Urdu comedy television serials.(anoher controvercial sitcom based on womens wearing hijaab but the character was beautifully done by mani and hira) Apart from working on numerous TV Channels, he currently focuses on acting, hosting and Producing different drama serials.Mani owned a production house called "Mani Films". Nowadays His late night show calledThe Mani's ToniteShow'is currently broadcasting from Tv One Global, this show is also co hosted by his wife Hira . Scripted by Asif Rasheed. Mani is going to do a radio show, this time on Fm 107 Apna Karachi.

He also appears opposite his wife Hira on ARY Digital serial Meri Teri Kahani.

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