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Munawwar Saeed

Munawwar Saeed is Pakistan's veteran tv actor with a career of over four decades in the industry. Having appeared in around 200 films and more than 1000 dramas, he is a showbiz veteran in the truest sense of the word.

Although he had started teaching at an engineering college in Karachi after getting his degree, Munawwar's love for acting made him convince his father to allow him to follow the passion he had since his youth. After his father consented, Munawwar joined PTV in the year 1967. During the 1970s, he appeared in a number of popular plays such as 'Taqreeb-i-Imtihaan' written by Ashfaque Ahmed, 'Gandasa', 'Mirza Ghalib Bunder Road Per' and 'Akhara'. He won a Graduate's Award for his role in the drama 'Azadi Kay Mujrim', which was a tribute to Molana Mohammad Ali Johar.

Following his success on television, Munawwar was offered a role in the film 'Ghar Damaad', which turned out to be his debut film. Munawwar's role in the film was villainous and although the film didn't do well at the box office, Munawwar's acting impressed renowned film director Shebab Kiranvi, who cast him in the movie Bazaar. While the film came as a big career boost to Munawwar as it went on to become huge hit, it stereotyped Munawwar for villainous roles only.

Growing tired of doing the same kind of work in films, Munawwar made a comeback to the small screen and went on to act in one of the most successful drama serials of all times, 'Waris'. In recent years, he has performed in numerous dramas such as 'Bebaak' (Hum TV), 'Kaisi Hain Dooriyan' (ARY Digital), 'Moorat' (PTV) and 'Khandan' (ARY Digital).

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