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Nadeem (born Mirza Nazeer Baig Mughal) is a Pakistani actor, who has acted in several films, telefilms, and TV drama serials. He also anchored a quiz show on ARY Digital and has played leading roles in more than 200 films.

Early life

Nadeem students. Nadeem, along with artists Talat Hussein, M. Zaheer Khan, Aftab Azeem, Saleem Jafry, and TV producer Iqbal Haider, were all discovered at the club. He and his friends, Ameer Ahmed Khan and Qasim Siddiqui, won several music competitions. At one of those musical competitions, he was noticed by the then famous singer Firdousi Begum. She was impressed by his singing talent and encouraged him to try playback singing in Dhaka's film industry. Because of his singing talent, he sang a song for an Urdu film called Sehra, the music of which was composed by Nisar Bazmi. Unfortunately, the film was never released.

Nadeem travelled to Dhaka for a cultural trip, organised by Islamia Club, where he got a chance to sing a song in Captain Ehtisham's new film Chakori. Captain was making a low budget black and white film, because his previous colour film, Sagar, had flopped. At the time of casting, he chose Shabana as the heroine and East Pakistani (Bengali) film actor Azeem as the hero. But Azeem refused to work in the film because he was offered a very small amount of money. So Ehtisham decided to cast Nadeem in his film as the hero, which was contrary to his brother Mustafeez's will. The film was released on May 19, 1967, in both East and West Pakistan.


Nadeem̢۪s film career spans more than 40 years. He started his career in 1967 and appeared in his first film Chakori in a leading role with Shabana as opposite actress. The film was produced and directed by Captain Ehtesham, who, in real life, became his father-in-law in 1968. The film did well in both circuits of Pakistani film industry, i.e., West and East. He achieved Nigar Award in the best actor's category for Chakori. With consecutive hit films, like Chotay Sahab and Sangdil, he became one of the leading film actors of Pakistan. Nadeem's commercially successive films include Nadan (1973), Anari, Pechan (1975), Talashi (1976), Aina (1977), Hum Donon (1980), Lajawab, Qurbani (1981), Sangdil (1982), and Dehleez (1983).

In 1980, an Indian film, Noor Jahan, was granted special permission for an exhibition in Pakistan which turned into a challenge for Pakistan cinema. Well-known Pakistani film director Parvez Malik accepted that challenge and produced Hum Donoo, presenting Nadeem in double roles. The film did well in Pakistani cinemas.

Besides acting, Nadeem has sung many songs for films, in fact he had started his career by singing a song for a West-Pakistani film, but cancelled by the director and later on sung by Mehdi Hassan. His first duet song was with Firdousi Begum Kahan ho tum ko dhoond rahi hein in his first film Chakori.

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