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Natasha Humera Ejaz is the talented musician from Islamabad. She made herself in the music field in very early as she started writing song at the age of 15. She also did work as RJ on the radio as well. She first worked as RJ for the radio station 99 at the age of 17 and after that she also did her work as RJ for the radio station 89 for two years. She loves to do work on the radio because she is always being on the radio as she said in her recent online interview.

Actually she professionally started her work for the music when couple of years ago she called up to do work as back up vocalist in the well-known music program Coke Studio. After that program she actually discovered herself and made her think of adopting music as professional career. After that she thought that she should start her new life so she came back to Islamabad to quit her marketing job. Recently she released her music video with name “Today is the Place” and important thing about this song is the poetry which is very heart touching including music as well. The director of this song is Usman Mukthar who is very talented guy.

In the future, she has not planned to do other music videos as she is doing two years diploma in audio engineering at K.L in Malaysia. She is now in Pakistan for vocations. She also worked with youth records team. For the future she has five year plan in which she wants to complete her education and then after that she wanted to come back in Pakistan to do professional work in the music production, song writer and music direction as well.

In the past, she also proves herself as an actress by working in the theater which according to her opinion was a great experience and in the future she also wanted to do some work for the theater along with the music. In the interview she said that her favorite Pakistani musician is Abida Perveen and she also likes other female music artists like Zeb & Hania and Arooj aftab as well. She also said that she wants to do something for musicians in Pakistan. That’s all she said in her recent interview that she gave to website. Those who are fans of Natasha then they can visit to her fan page on Facebook where they can see her posted covers and stuff.

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