Naveen ties the knot!


Everyone’s talking about Annie’s baraat; however, people don’t know that the actress, Naveen Waqar, who plays Annie onscreen, and is popularly known as Sara of Humsafar fan, has tied the knot in real life too.

The actress had her mehndi last week, and the valima held over the weekend. We’ll update you with more pics and information, as we receive it.

News Story:

It wasn’t a rumor that shocked everybody here. Naveen Waqar married Azfar Ali. Naveen Waqar was an RJ on an FM channel then became a VJ on a music Channel and later turned to TV actress. Her popular work so far is “Sara” character played in “Humsafar”. “Annie ki ayegi Barat” is her another success. Azfar also is a renowned director and host and runs a production house by the name of “Kolachi Productions”. Azfar Ali is a father of two Children and was Married to Salma Married for 9 years. The divorce took place a few months back. The masses seem pretty upset with the marriage and expressed their disappointment. A fan tweet said “Naveen did it true what she can’t do in Hamsafar Drama”. Naveen, Azfar or Salma have not passed any comment whatsoever.

We wish Naveen the best of luck with her life ahead!

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Naveen Waqar : Naveen ties the knot!
Naveen Waqar
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