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As one of the top actors in her industry, Sakina Samo, has been reigning the hearts of millions both in Pakistan and abroad through her natural acting skills. The public received their first glimpse of this raw talent in the 1980s from touching performances in âDeewareinâ, âJungleâ and âHawwa Ki Betiâ. Though before climbing this difficult acting trajectory of Pakistani television, she was born in the historic town of Sehwan Sharif, unfettered by the hustle and bustle of Karachi. Today, she carries the torch of its Sufi heritage.

Later in life, Sakina discovered a passion for telling socially motivated stories; she made her directorial debut with âIshq Aatishâ and went on to create the award winning serials, âWujood e Laraibâ and âKoun Qamar Araâ. Since moving back to London she has been inspired by the foreign film scene, admiring; Ingmar Bergman, Andrei Tarkovsky, François Truffaut and specifically the work stemming from New Wave French Cinema.

She was cast in several small television plays, but gained success with the hit drama serial, Mehndi, in which she acted alongside Humayun Saeed. She is very popular amongst Pakistani audiences.

Notable works: Mehndi, Aansoo, Aur Zindagi Badalti Hai, etc.

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