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As the generation changes, the survival of the Pakistani media industry lies in the hands of newly emerging actors and rising stars. It is clear for all who keeps tabs on the drama industry of Pakistan that the whole industry has gone through a massive change. You do not see dramas like you used to get ten years before. Instead, with the massive changes that have arisen in the mentality of the people, the concepts of drama serials have also evolved. You don't get simple dramas that used to focus on household issues and problems, but you get to watch dramas focus on much bolder issues, such as the position of women in society. Each of these drama serials have a motive and a moral, and each of them carry across a message to the viewer so that they can learn from it as well as get entertained. Thus, the job of the actors and actresses of Pakistan is even more difficult, as they have to stick to it earnestly if they are to become successful. one of the highly rated and spiring actresses of Pakistan is Sana Askari.

Sana was previously a model before she joined the media industry. Born in 1988, Sana is one of the rising stars of Pakistani dramas. She has quickly adapted to the requirements of these dramas and has managed to give amazing performances whenever her services have been needed. The most recent example of her acting can be taken from Mai Abdul Qadir Hoon, a drama serial which is currently being aired on HUM TV. She also acted in Ae Bhai Zara Dekh Ke, also aired on Hum TV. Shaista Shaista on TV One was also one of her starting drama serials. The future seems bright, and with the emergence of such talented stars, it is easy to see why.

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She got hitched to a famous RJ Minhaj Ali Askari years back and now she has a cute baby, named Rayan Askari.

She is born and bred in a noble family in Lahore. But now she resides in Karachi. She got early education from Lahore Beaconhouse School System. And afterwards, she passed intermediate from National College of Arts, from the same city. Later on, she chose modeling as her profession, because of her good height and confidence.

Sanaâs zodiac sign is Taurus as she was born on 23rd April, 1988. Like all Taurus-people, she is sweet as well as stubborn, she admits it herself. She is lively and loves to have fun. Her hobbies are to rock and roll, shopping and listening to music etc.

She got immensely loved in Shaista Shaista for her super-real performance and natural looks. She is a star of today and hope to tomorrow. Her future is very bright as her acting is life-like. Sanaâs fan page is full of girls especially; she is an inspiring celeb for them all. Her confidence level, her acting her life style everything is adorable. Girls see their own reflection in her, they pick her style and adore her amazing performances.

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