Exclusive Interview: Shehroz Sabzwari Under the Spotlight

Born in Sabzwari’s family very down-to-earth, skilled and talent-filled actor, reflection of father none other than Shehroz Sabzwari .Talking to Spice, Shehroz told us about his married life, when & where meet Syra, Interesting plans of future, favorite’s & dislikes.

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Spice: Which was your first drama?

Shehroz: My first drama was “Amma” on PTV and in which Bushra Ansari was my amma.

Spice: what kind of people you can’t stand by in industry?

Shehroz: Well I like all sort of people in drama industry, only hate those who are mean n selfish making millions for themselves, give no value to actors, consider acting as labor not as creativity , not paying accordingly.

Spice: People you adore working with? Other than family

Shehroz: Everyone is now like a family in industry MashAllah, so I am comfortable and adore all, and it happens coincidentally that family member’s work together in any drama like sometimes javed mamu , papa, Momal , Shahzad

Spice: what do you think about invasion of foreign content all over on Pakistani channels?

Shehroz: BAN that’s it, no questions asked, no answer, no explanation. It should be banned. India, U.K, U.S and similar countries never allowed foreign content then why do we allow it??

“Turkish Drama’s hain Turkey dekhen apni zuban mein, hum kyu dekhen?”

Spice: what would you do better if you were not an actor?

Shehroz: If I wasn’t actor then a jockey not as DJ or VJ, but a jockey at race course.

Spice: what’s happening on the work front? What’s taking up most of your time these days?

Shehroz: After break of 3 to 4 months started project and shooting, Wajahat Rauf is producer and Sohail Javed is directing, along with Khalid hasan. Drama will be on-air in September.

Spice: How is married life treating you? When and where did you meet Syra for the first time in life?

Shehroz: Alhamdulillah, very well married life. Met Syra for the first time 8 years back at common friend’s place.

Spice: which of these are more closed to you in cousins Shehzad or Momal?

Shehroz: Both are very close to me, respect Shehzad because of age as he is elder and Momal is younger so talk much with her.

Spice: When would we see you on big screen?

Shehroz: I don’t like low budget movies like “Tarang type films” worse than dramas. Definitely work, only if good budget movie. They are showing us Indian movies, Turkish Content, Super Man type movies in budget of 30 crores and above. 20 lac budget movie looks “Ghareeb on screen” after watching 30 crores budget movie. Big fishes need to invest more and reduce their margin to make quality content “Phir ware niyare hoon ga”.

Spice: you enjoy more as actor Comedy or Serious roles?

Shehroz: Love comedy, but don’t like situational comedy roles.

Spice: Phrase’s you overuse?

Shehroz: Abuse a lot Beep beep beep.

Spice: Song you mostly hum nowadays?

Shehroz: Nowadays yeah “Lana Del Rey’s Song Burning Desire” is fav.

Spice: One thing, before accepting any offer?

Shehroz: If Pakistani movie offered then it must be good budget & script. But if Bollywood or Hollywood movie then no vulgarity, abusive language and more important it shouldn’t be anti-Islam & anti Pakistan.

Spice: where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Shehroz: Father of 1 or 2 kid’s, with handsome earning InshAllah.

Spice: quote for your fans?

Shehroz: “agar mard k bachy ho aur sahi fans ho to ye Turkish content BAN kara k dekho”.

Actors are only 2% we need viewers uprising against Turkish content in Pakistan.

“Phir koi acha msg deen ga pehle STAR to bane, STAR ban rhy thay k Behlul aa gaya”.

Interview by: Syed Kashif Jamal

Source: http://showbizspice.com/shehroz-sabzwari-under-the-spotlight-exclusive-interview-for-showbiz-spice/

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Shehroz Sabzwari : Exclusive Interview: Shehroz Sabzwari Under the Spotlight
Shehroz Sabzwari
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