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Tahira Imam biography
Tahira Imam

Tahira Imam is a Pakistani actress most popular her roles in 'Piya Naam Ka Diya' and 'Mujhe Apna Naam o Nishan Milay'. She made her acting debut in the early 2000s. However, her pretty looks and undisputed acting talent have made her a good addition to the small screen. Moreover, Tahira has shown maturity early on in her career by being selective in terms of the projects she works on. This is why she has not worked in many dramas but the one she has worked in always managed to bring her acknowledgement and appreciation.

Tahira made quite an impression early on in her career when she was cast in the short film 'Kal', produced by Raheel Rao and Savera Nadeem. The film was shortlisted to be screened at Kara Film Festival 2003. Having gained a feather in her cap so early on in her career, Tahira then acted in a number of television plays.

Her popular dramas on TV include 'Piya Naam Ka Diya', which was a mini drama series airing on Geo TV. She also acted in the emotional family drama 'Mujhe Apna Naam o Nishan Milay', also airing on Geo TV.

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