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Usman Peerzada

When it comes to the families who have governed show business in Pakistan, the Peerzada family has been quite prominent. Among the Peerzada clan, Usman Peerzada has perhaps been the most successful with his ventures spanning from film to television and even stage.

Usman's love for acting started when he was a student. In 1974, even before he became a television artist, he became known for organizing and acting in the USIS Repertory Theatre Company. In 1975, he got an offer for the role of the male lead in the pioneering English language film of Pakistan, 'Beyond The Last Mountain', produced by media veteran Javed Jabbar.

In 1976, he started a joint venture with Sri Lanka and made a movie called 'Sazish', while his film 'Seeta Devi' was a co-production with Sri Lanka, France and Italy. He then joined the Pakistani film industry and acted in a number of movies. He launched his debut as a film director from the movie 'Nazdeekiyan' (1986), which he directed, produced, wrote and acted in at the same time. Although made on minimum budget, the movie was moderately successful and earned four National Awards, which included the award for Best Film.

Three years later, he produced, directed and wrote the script for the movie 'Gori Dyan Jhanjran' (1989), which was an immensely successful movie, winning 6 National Awards for the year. In 1995, he created, directed and wrote the script for the popular drama serial 'Sophia', in which his wife Samina Peerzada played the title role.

He then returned to the silver screen directing and writing one of the most successful movies of Pakistani history, 'Karz' (1997). In the same year, he produced the movie 'Zargul' starring Faryal Gauhar. The movie achieved international acclaim at a number of international film festivals.

As an actor, his famous dramas include 'Karb', 'Teesra Kinara', 'Mr. and Mrs.' and 'Ishq Ki Inteha'.

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