Geo Ajooba Story, Wiki & Details

Geo Ajooba story, wiki & information
Geo Ajooba

This show is a wrap up of the week’s most amazing and amusing news. It focuses on stories and events that are not only interesting, entertaining and hold great audience interest but are also rare to find.

The show with a magazine style format will take a look at unusual and amusing news that is happening around the world. News like a kid with four legs is born etc, there is a tomatoes’ fight somewhere, a woman tries weight lifting with her hair etc. and other amusing stories both in terms of videos and pictures will be presented.

The show should ideally be shot on virtual where the news in discussion can be represented within its ambience and a graphic environment, however outdoor option will also be utilized to break the monotony. For example if the news is about science and technology then the anchor should be in a high tech environment, may be holding a gadget when linking the news. Otherwise depending on the news an outdoor well appropriate location can be selected.

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