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Humnasheen is a Hum TV offering penned by Shehla Shakoor and directed by Siraj Ul Haq. The premise is not new. A wife getting her husband remarried for the sake of children. Here the first wife is Faiza Hasan, the husband Adnan Siddiqui and the second wife Arij Fatima. Although, the premise is not new, the innocence which Arij Fatima brings to the character plus the strong love bonds between the husband and two wives makes it a different experience.

There are requisite twists and turns at every nook and cranny such as Faiza Hassan getting pregnant herself after years and throwing out Arij Fatima as she’s no longer required. Arij has twins which are taken over by Faiza, Arij’s longing for them and Faiza’s anger over a third child and Adnan siding with his second wife all make for good viewing.

The problem starts when the kids (Alizay Gabol, Mustafa Changazi and Raheel Butt as Adnan-Arij’s children and Sara Khan as Rija’s daughter) grow up especially once Adnan Siddiqui’s character dies in the drama. It’s a downhill journey and not much seems to be happening. It feels like the drama is being dragged for no reason. The problems of the kids are not much to write home about plus the actors portraying them (most of them at least) need a crash course in acting and expressions. They also need serious training (and I do mean serious training) in Urdu pronunciation as they seem to be speaking Urdu in twisted accents.

The reappearance of Humayun Ashraf at the end to whom once Arij was engaged to, is again a good twist and Arij rejecting him for the sake of her children and the love she had for her now dead husband again raised the serial to new high.

Acting wise Adnan Faiza and Arij all deserve accolades for giving shining performances. Arij especially deserves special mention here as she stood tall amidst veterans like Faiza and Adnan. Supporting cast like Rija, Humayun Ashraf, Qaiser Naqvi etc played their parts well but the same cannot be said for the set of young actors mentioned above. Although it’s the second drama of Sara Khan and Mustafa Changazi their performances and pronounciation remain mediocre at best.

Plus the aged Faiza and Arij looked the same with hair whiteners, which was odd. Otherwise, the serial had rich production values and director had a grip on the story except for last few episodes which could have been easily chopped especially the repetitive scenes of the young cast. Plus, it also deserves to be mentioned that the gay scenes of Alizay Gabool’s husband that generated a lot of controversy could’ve been better depicted if not avoided altogether.

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