Jalebiyan Story, Wiki & Details

Jalebiyan story, wiki & information

Do Biwiyon Ke Chakkar Mein... Faisal Bana Ghan-Chakkar

It’s a saying that Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same.

But someone wise once said that a good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband, unfortunately Mr. Tafangam isn't this lucky he is married with two wives and none of his wives are blind and he is no deaf. The 1st Noor Jahaan (his mother's death bed wish) an illiterate village girl who is a huge fan of the great poets of urdu literature and keeps fondling with their ashaars by mixing her own with them. On the other hand (his choice by love) there is Sumaira a working lady with model looks and an expert on english language which provokes Tafangam to respond and use his unbearable foreign linguistic skills.

Life was good till both the wives were unaware of each-others existence, but good luck is like a short term investment plan and Mr.Tafangam finds himself in a tough spot when Noor Jahaan drops in to his city apartment from nowhere. Now Tafangam is in a position where he cant disclose to Sumaira that Noor Jahaan is his 1st wife who knows the truth about Sumaira.

Now in this scenario the story revolves around Tafangam, Noor Jahaan and Sumaira with an occasional guest appearance of a new character and a new hilarious situation and issue in every episode.

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