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Believe it or not, Kaash Aisa Ho was ARY’s big ticket with which they were planning to overtake the industry and show other channels its place; however, it turned out to be a turkey as far as ratings are concerned. So, did Kaash Aisa Ho really deserve the pariah treatment it got or it was just it falling victim to other things? Let’s find out!

This is the story of an artist, Shayan, played by Mohib, who is obsessed with perfection, especially when it comes to beauty. He has his cousin, Saba Qamar, who loves him and the two end up getting married, but Shayan soon goes awry due to his artistic nature and enters a second woman.

This is a story of indefinitely, failed romance, ego and tussle with self and relationship. The best thing about this is the character of Shayan Hamidi played beautifully by Mohib Mirza and written exceptionally well by Maha Malik. I remember having a conversation with one of the heads in the production house who said that one of the main reasons they approved this project was due to the main character.

However, once you look past it you find nothing worth watching in this serial. It’s a pain everywhere – literally. This is just too verbose and dialogue heavy. This is a piece of art, yes, but there is just too much art that entertainment is left far behind. The story is linear with no twists. It is so slow, dialogue heavy and predictable that it gets painful after some time.

The script (Maha Malik) is strong, yet weak. If this was a mini serial or a telefilm this would’ve been the best, but a serial is just a no no. When you write a serial you need twists in every episode so that people stay glued, but in this case these were missing. The story came to a standstill once Sana Askari’s character entered. This is failure on everyone’s part who failed to look at this because its obnoxiously visible.

Dialogues are great, as expected from Maha Malik. Direction of Sohail Javed’s direction is good, especially in comparison to his previous work. The OST is melodious and may make you cry thanks to amazing lyrics.

As far as acting is concerned this belongs to Mohib Mirza. This is easily his best work ever. He takes to this role like a fish takes to water. The man is simply superb in everything from dialogue delivery to body language, and this was not an easy role.

The ladies do not get much to do. Saba Qamar is typecast as the bechari. This is an extension of what she did in the likes of Thakan. Sana Askari has yet to do something different and do it well. She is always seen playing the angry, psycho type.

Shahood Alvi acts well but doesn’t get to show what he is capable of. ZQ is completely wasted in a role that just wasn’t needed. Jugun Kazim is surprisingly good. The rest of the cast is fine as well.

Overall, Kaash Aisa Ho is something jo na hoti tou behtar tha. This just wasn’t written for a serial. Poor on everyone’s part.

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