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Pak Villa story, wiki & information
Pak Villa

Are you ready for Pakistan’s biggest comedy serial ever? Prepare to be welcomed into Pak Villa by its colorful array of residents and be part of their lives. Join Madam Hukum, her five sons, their wives, who all come from various parts of Pakistan, and her one and only daughter Sohni and her husband, as they all face life’s ups and downs together. While there are many moments when they fight, squabble and argue over the pettiest of things, it all comes down to one thing in the end: ‘family is family’ and must stand united come what may. With an array of colorful characters who represent the various ethnicities of Pakistan Pak Villa has a star-studded cast comprising of some of the biggest names from Pakistani Cinema and TV and six real life celebrity couples playing ‘reel life’ couples on the small screen. The show also sees the return of famous actress Sahiba alongside her husband Rambo and will be her debut on the small screen. Other names to watch out for include film star Sana and her husband Fakhar and film star Arbaaz and wife Khushboo, who all appear on the small screen together for the first time. Pakistani Cinema’s legends Mustafa Qureshi, Sangeeta, Asif Khan and Saud also feature in this dazzling cast as well as some of the top names from Pakistani TV including Javeria Saud (Yeh Zindagi Hai), Naeema Garaj, Shabbir Jan, and golden couple Sadaf and Umair Laghari. Directed by Pakistani cinema’s veteran director / actress Sangeeta, featuring choreography by renowned choreographer Pappu Samrat and written by the ever talented Javeria Saud; Pak Villa sees a new turn in the increasingly diversified programming offered by JJS Productions.So get set to enter the world of Pak Villa and be entertained to your heart’s content…exclusively on GEO!

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