Saare Mausam Apne Hain Story, Wiki & Details

Saare Mausam Apne Hain story, wiki & information
Saare Mausam Apne Hain

Saare Mausam Apne Hain is a geo tv serial written by Hasina Moin and directed by Ali Rizvi with star cast that include Kanza Arif, Farooq Zameer, Sakina Samoo, Hasan Soomro, Sohail Asghar, Tanveer Jamal, Sohail Sameer, Ali Sikandar, Nadia Syed and others.

It's a soap revolving around a girl named Eshal who is bold, confident, and full of adventure and who has been brought up by her grandfather. The character of the girl Eshal is the main USP here. The cast is a new fresh face played by Kanza Arif. In this soap she has been brought up by her grandfather as her father left her a long time back. She has been well brought up and the girl Eshal grows up to be a confident, bold, and full of adventure who loves swimming and horse riding. This soap has interesting twists and turns and is a combination of different emotions, such as pain love, but also entertaining at the same time. How people enter into someone’s life and leave an impact is very well reflected in this soap.

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